60 ml ABC Kit

A -  22.4 % Sodium Chlorite, B - 4 % Hydrochloric Acid, C - DMSO 99.9%

When A & B is mixed within 30 secs., it produces a gas called Chlorine Dioxide. It is a unique chemical disinfectant and oxidizer that has the ability to enter the water that kills pathogens that are causing diseases and touch absolutely nothing else. it also destroys heavy metal compounds in the water and many different poisons. The reason for this uniqe ability is that Chlorine Dioxide is a very weak oxidizer with an oxidation potential of +.95 volts which lower than oxygen which has an oxidation potential of 1.23 volts. The only thing this AB Kit or Chlorine Dioxide can do in the water is kill disease. 

To disinfect your drinking water, mix 2 drops of part A and part B in an empty glass. After 30 secs it turns into gas and the color changes to yellow amber then put 30 mL of water and then transfer this to the 1 liter of water . This will serve as your drinkung water. 

60 mL Opaque ABC Kit
PHP ₱ 3,000.00